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What To Know About High Yield Printer Ink Cartridges


Over the years, there have been a number of significant improvements in printer ink cartridge technology. Printer ink cartridges are optimized for particular usage patterns. Some are great for daily use but may not be ideal if you need to print hundreds of pages every day. When planning the purchase of a new printer, try to keep in mind the number and quality of pages that you will need to print during a particular time interval. That way, you can determine whether regular ink cartridges or high yield ink cartridges will be better suited to your printing needs. When buying a new printer, you should ensure that you are purchasing a cost effective and practical printer in order to get the highest quality output for the money that you spend on ink. High yield printer ink cartridges contain a larger amount of ink compared to general use ink cartridges. Because of this, there are a number of benefits in buying high yield printer ink cartridges, particularly for business use.

If you print in bulk, using high yield cartridges can save a lot of money on ink. Though high yield ink cartridges are a bit more expensive than general use ink cartridges, if you are running a business or printing in large quantities, a high yield printer ink cartridge is definitely an excellent choice.

However, if you don't print often or in bulk, it usually makes more sense to go with a general use ink cartridge. Though ink can stay viable for a reasonable period of time inside the cartridge, high yield ink cartridges tend to dry out quickly. Dry ink inside of a cartridge will clog a printer's print head. This can incur repair costs and additional hassles if a user isn't careful. If you want the benefits of a high yield ink cartridge even though you may not use it regularly, you can always run the printer at least once a week to prevent clogging in the print head.

When it comes to the number of pages printed per cartridge, high yield printer ink cartridges easily outperform regular printer ink cartridges. The latter can usually print around 3,000 pages per cartridge while a high yield printer ink cartridge can print as many as 10,000 pages.

In general, high yield printer ink cartridges are worth the purchase if the consumer prints regularly or if he or she plans to print in large volume. An end user can definitely save a lot by utilizing high yield printer cartridge technology, though there are situations where a general use printer ink cartridge is a wiser and more practical choice.

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