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Ways To Tell When An Ink Cartridge Is Good


Good printer ink is the best way to insure your printing needs are met effectively. One way to tell if a cartridge is good is to look at the print heads and make sure they are free of obstruction. Dust and residual ink can clog the print heads and cause the cartridge to leak. Good printer ink cartridges will have a substantial weight to them tapping them lightly on a flat surface is also a way to check the printer ink cartridge and release air bubbles that may cause the cartridge to stall or smear a copy. Check the cartridge to see if it is properly sealed and that all areas of the casing are free of openings. A good printer ink cartridge that is new will also have a seal over the ink nozzles. The seal should have sticky tape or adhesive that covers the nozzles of the print heads.

Another way to tell if a cartridge is good is to insert it into the printer and run a test copy. Printer software drivers also have prompts that test print and align color and print functions. After viewing a test copy printer settings and cartridges can be altered to produce the best possible copies. A print cartridge is good if it has the proper fit checking the cartridge and matching the number with manufacturer standards is another way to check if the printer ink cartridge is good.

Another way to tell if an ink cartridge is good is to inspect the packaging, sealed container, and nozzle heads of a printer ink cartridge. The consistency of the ink should not be watery and should have a medium to thick consistency.

Ways to tell if an ink cartridge is good also depends on the method of replacement you choose. When choosing to refill cartridges time and clean up must be considered. Refilling is not for everyone although a good refill cartridge properly filled following specific instructions can be a cost effective method for some. Ways to tell if a refill cartridge is good include carefully working with your replacement cartridge to insure it is sealed correctly and that nozzle heads remain unclogged.

A remanufactured ink cartridge is good if it fits your printer properly, has quality ink inside, comes from a reputable reseller and is cost effective. Choosing the seller is an important step in finding the right solution.

Checking the cartridge, choosing the right method of replacement and making sure the cartridge is free of dust and clogs is the best way to know if a printer ink cartridge is good.

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