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Ways To Tell When An Ink Cartridge Is Bad


Having good printer ink cartridges in your printer is very important for any of business. A bad printer ink cartridge can make the completion of some projects impossible and make your business lose money, or possibly even even clients. Knowing whether or not you have a bad printer ink cartridge may seem like a difficult task but there are easy ways to find out if your printer ink cartridge is in good condition.

While most individuals know that computers show a message to alert users that its ink is low, very few know that cartridges also have an expiration date. If your computer does not show an alert message and you can not locate the expiration date, the only test left is to print a page and see how well the printer it is working. However, do not simply print out a page that is in black and white if you have a color printer. If you do not print something in color you will be unable to find out if the color printer ink cartridge is working properly.

When you print a page out there are a variety of problems that could happen. Your printer may be unable to print out anything and you could end up with a blank piece of paper. This can happen if both of the printer ink cartridges are empty or if all of the ink has dried up inside the printer ink cartridge. You may also print a page that has part of the image missing or the image printed will be very faintly colored and not as brightly colored as it should be. This also means your ink is running low. If you print a page that should have a colored image on it and it ends up only having black ink printed on it this means your black printer ink cartridge is still in good working condition but the color printer ink cartridge is not. You may also encounter images that are supposed to be in multiple colors being printed in only one or two colors. This is also a sign that you have a bad ink cartridge.

Another problem that can occur with printer ink cartridges is leaking. You will know your printer ink cartridge is leaking when you see ink smears and blotches on printed pages. Your computer may show an error message if this happens. Leaking could damage your printer. If your printer is performing in any of these ways it is imperative to fix the problem so your business can run smoothly as possible.

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