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Ways To Maximize Ink Use From A Printer Cartridge


There are many ways to maximize ink use from a printer ink cartridge. Simple steps can make each print cartridge last longer. Some tactics to save printer ink are computer based, some are user based. Computer based tactics include adjusting printer settings, printing in black and white, and making sure to find the "printer friendly version" of the material to be printed. User based tactics include only printing when absolutely necessary, carefully printing what you must, and ensuring that the documents to be printed are perfect before you press the print button. By keeping these factors in mind it is possible to maximize ink use in an ink cartridge.

You can maximize your ink use by adjusting some simple computer uses. There are many different printer settings available that make a big difference in the ink used when printing. Adjusting the print quality to the lowest setting allows you to print with the minimum amount of ink. It is also simple to make the adjustment to print in only black and white if color is not needed. A black ink cartridge is less expensive than a color ink cartridge, so printing in black and white will save you money and help to maximize your ink use. It also helps to maximize ink use by always going to the "printer friendly version" when printing documents on line. These versions have much simpler graphics, normally omitting advertisements and other embellishments that use up ink. By adjusting printer settings and the versions of documents to be printed ink use is maximized.

Another general tactic for getting the most out of an ink cartridge is being careful about printer usage. Do not print a document unless it is absolutely necessary. Could it be emailed? Would simply saving the material serve the same purpose? It might be helpful to imagine paying for each individual sheet of paper, such as one might have to at the library. If it is not worth the dime, don't press print. When printing, do it carefully. Make sure the correct pages and number of copies is selected. If two sided copies are being made, do so carefully. Also, simple steps like proofreading before printing and using print preview to catch mistakes can help to maximize ink use. Careful print selection and proofreading helps to reduce the amount of printer ink used.

By making these adjustments it is possible to maximize ink use and decrease the number of ink cartridges that go into the printer. By adjusting the settings on the printer and how the printer is used, the number of ink cartridges needed can be drastically reduced.

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