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Ways To Keep Printer Ink Colors Vibrant Over Time


There seems to be nothing more frustrating than running out of printer ink. It just about always happens at the most inconvenient time, usually when you're working against a deadline. What follows are some useful tips to extend the life of your printer inks and to keep those ink colors as vibrant as you can over time.

Most of this advice outlines preventative measures which will help you get the most out of your ink. Firstly, make wise choices when it comes to font style and size. Don't pick the thickest typeface, and use bold fonts only when necessary. Remember, too, to use an economy of words. Write only what you need to in order to avoid excessive ink use. If you are printing an article off of a website, highlight only the text you want, and use the print selection option so that you avoid printing needless advertisements or photographs which especially use a great deal of ink. Secondly, before you print an original document, make sure you use the "print preview" selection on your word processor. This way, you can catch errors by proofreading your work before you actually send the file to the printer and thus avoid a big waste of ink.

When you are ready to print, be sure to choose the draft mode, sometimes called "draft output." Most print jobs do not require a perfectly polished look. Ask yourself if you really need to print something in color. If not, choose the black and white setting. Save your ink colors for those important presentations, formal business letters, and keepsake photographs. Your printer inks will last much longer if you switch to low quality and lower resolution print settings for your day to day printing needs.

When you are done printing for any length of time, be sure that you manually turn your printer off. This will keep your ink colors from drying out because the printer will automatically return the cartridges to a safe rest position.

Finally, when your particular printing task does call for the highest quality look, choose the correct kind of paper that will ensure color vibrancy. For instance, if you are printing photos, use glossy photo paper. If you are creating a chart for a professional presentation, use bright white paper to make those colors a better brilliancy match to what you see on your computer screen.

Saving printer inks is not difficult if you are savvy about how your computer and printer automatically operate. You can take control of the situation by being very selective in when you use a full quality style so your ink colors can last far longer than average.

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