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Typical Storage Life Of A Business Printer Ink Cartridge


Businesses have been using printers ever since their invention and widespread availability began more than 50 years ago. Although many companies today have made the switch to the Internet to conduct most if not all of their business, there still remain thousands of companies that rely on their printers for use in different ways. The fact is that printers will never be eradicated from offices because there is always a need to print documents, whether in large volume or for smaller, individual purposes. For those companies that don't use the printer very often, or that like to buy their printer cartridge and ink in bulk, storage life is an important matter. Businesses need to know how long they can store their printer cartridge, either individually or within the printer itself.

Storage life for any printer cartridge will depend on a number of different factors. For a typical, name brand printer ink, the storage life averages about two to three years from the date of its manufacture. Of course, the length varies depending on factors such as the brand of printer ink you've purchased. However, most printer cartridges will have their expiration date on the cartridge itself. That expiration date typically refers to ink that remains active but prints at low volumes.

Brand name printer ink that comes directly from the manufacturer can, indeed, be stored for up to two to three years without use. The ink will more than likely work well within that time frame, but it's always good to try to use the ink well before its expiration date. Generic printer ink, on the other hand, may not be stored as long as its brand name counterpart. The reason is that generic manufacturers have to use a slightly different, modified composition when producing the ink that goes into the cartridge. This makes them more volatile and more prone to drying up than with brand names. If you place a dry cartridge into your printer, it will clog the printer nozzle and over time may permanently damage your printer.

The area where the printer cartridge is stored also affects the ink's storage life. Printer ink cartridges must be stored in a cool, dark place in order for them to maintain their use. If the area in which the cartridge is stored is too hot or humid or allows too much natural light, the ink may dry up well before its expiration date.

It's important to look at the printer cartridge's expiration date. Plan to use the ink well before it expires, typically within one to two years. Make sure that you know generic ink cartridges may not last as long as brand names.

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