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How The Type Of Paper Used Affects The Look Of Printer Ink On The Page


Why pay a print shop to print a project you could do at home on your own, while saving money at the same time? Most people take for granted the array of printer paper available to them and just use plain paper when there are other options available that would make their projects look ten times better. Plain paper is great for normal day to day printing projects but when you have something special you want printed you may want to use paper that holds ink better than normal paper. Premium papers such as semi-gloss, glossy, and high gloss are some of the premium types of paper you may want to use for projects such as graduation cards, invitations, photos, etc. Glossy papers do not absorb the printer ink as much as plain papers so the ink will stay on the outer surface giving your project a shiny, professional quality look. You won't have ink bleeding through to the other side with glossy paper as you would with plain printer paper.

One thing to be aware of is the fact that glossy paper takes about twice as long as plain paper to dry completely. Higher gloss papers will not absorb ink as much as lower gloss and normal printing papers, so you must take extra care not to smear or scratch the surface. Do not touch the ink until at least 5 minutes after printing or you will risk smearing the printer ink and ruining your project. Another helpful tip to keep in mind is to change your printer settings to print on the specific type of paper you are using. Choosing the correct paper setting on your printer will ensure the best quality and reduce the risk of smears and smudges. Try not to print multiple pages without removing the previously printed page. This will keep your pages from scratching one another or sticking together while drying.

While it may seem that there is more hassle in using glossy papers, the quality of your project will make up for your extra effort. Glossy paper will outlast plain paper because it is thicker and tougher. You won't have to worry about it ripping or getting wrinkled as you would with plain paper. Because of its toughness glossy paper is great for any project that you want to last. Premium paper costs more than plain paper, but the extra money is well worth it when you have a project that requires a special touch. The next time you are in need of a professional quality printing project just pick up a pack of premium paper and do it yourself for half the cost.

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