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Two Ways New Printer Ink Cartridges Can Be Made To Last Longer


There's no trick to making your new print cartridges last longer: simply use less ink. However, before you pack up your machine and sell your printer ink online, there are ways to cut back on your ink usage and still use your printer. Here are two.

The first way is to consider why you're printing a document. Think abut who's using it and how often it will be used. This may seem like a lot to think about before printing an e-mail or grocery list, but taking a moment to consider the intended use of your document can considerably prolong the life of your new print cartridges.

A document that's intended to give you driving directions and then be disposed of doesn't need to be printed at the same quality as your resume. Check out the print-quality settings on your printer. These vary by brand, but you'll usually see options like draft, normal, and best. Draft, as its name implies, is designed for fast printing that uses less ink, which is perfect for those driving directions. Your resume, however, needs to create a good impression. Choose the best setting.

A second method is previewing print jobs on-screen which enables you to see what your printout will look like before you use the ink. Maybe you don't like the spacing of your document or where the page breaks. Perhaps you'll see typos or other errors that you need to correct. Making all of these changes before you print will save you from multiple printouts and make your new print cartridges last longer.

Also, how many times have you printed something and realized too late that you needed only a fraction of what you printed? Take a look at what you're going to use your ink on. Do you need to print an entire webpage or magazine article that uses three sheets of paper? Maybe cutting and pasting the text that interests you into a one-page Word document will yield the same result.

When previewing your print job, look at font sizes. Can you make the words a bit smaller? Print your letter using 10-point font instead of 12-point font. It's a small change that won't significantly reduce the letter's readability and will, over time, save you ink.

Making your new print cartridges last longer doesn't mean you can't use your printer. It means that you use your printer smarter. These are just two examples of ways you can increase the life of your cartridges, whether you order your printer ink online or buy it from a retail store. With a little thought and some common sense, you'll see a marked difference in your ink's life.

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