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How Remanufactured Ink Can Work Just As Well As Brand Name Printer Ink


For the majority of printer manufacturers, most of their money is made not on the initial sale of the printer, but rather on the sale of other printing supplies such as ink. So it's no wonder that many printer users are surprised by the fact that replacement cartridges from the manufacturer cost as much as they do. However, there is an alternative to name brand printer ink - remanufactured printer ink cartridges.

There are differences between remanufactured and name brand (also known as OEM) cartridges. The obvious difference is in price; remanufactured cartridges cost significantly less than their name brand counterparts. OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer," therefore an OEM cartridge is specifically designed to be used with the manufacturer's name brand printer. Take, for example, an HP printer ink cartridge. It is brand new, produced by HP, and designed to be used solely with HP printers. Remanufactured cartridges are different. They cost less than OEM cartridges because they are composed of previously used parts. Remanufacturers use empty cartridges, and put them through a process of testing, cleaning, and refilling. Afterwards, the cartridges are tested for quality control one last time before they go to market.

Even with so many differences between them, there are lots of reasons why remanufactured printer ink can work just as well as name brand printer ink. Two reasons seem to stand out above all others. First, various tests have shown that the page yield of remanufactured cartridges is comparable to that of name brand cartridges. Remanufacturers often fill their cartridges with a larger volume of ink than do the name brand manufacturers; as a result, the remanufactured ink lasts longer and is able to print more pages. Beyond that, reputable industry experts agree that the page yield of remanufactured ink is comparable to that of brand new ink. In fact, an oft-quoted article in PC World concludes that remanufactured cartridges most often have a higher page yield than OEM cartridges.

The second reason why remanufactured printer ink can work just as well as name brand printer ink is that the print quality among the cartridges is comparable. Thanks to the development of new technology, the quality of prints from remanufactured ink rivals that of the more expensive OEM ink. In fact, according to Patricia Judge, executive director of the International Imaging Technology Council, "after 15 years as an industry, remanufacturers can compete [with OEM manufacturers] on quality and price."

Lots of consumers purchase a name brand printer ink cartridge with the understanding that it will perform better than a remanufactured one. However, in reality, remanufactured ink is a sensible, viable alternative to name brand ink.

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