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Tips For Decreasing Printer Ink Usage In An Office


Printer ink cartridges are quite expensive and in an office environment, printer ink can get over very quickly. In an office environment, people tend to take things for granted, especially when it comes to printer usage. If the usage of printer ink in your office is not being monitored, it can drive up costs to the company. By following some simple rules, it is possible to reduce office ink usage.

Printing Only When Necessary

Office ink usage can be reduced significantly if everyone in the office follows one simple rule: print only when absolutely necessary. People working in an office have the tendency to print almost anything and everything. This is especially true if there is no one to monitor the printer usage. Some people even go to the extent of printing personal documents using the office printer.

It is important that everyone working in an office environment follow certain ethics and make a conscious decision to print only when required. For example, some people have a tendency to print e-mails when they can actually use the Forward option to forward it. In addition, if the e-mail is a short one, you are wasting both ink and paper by printing it. In situations that do not allow you a choice, it is important to thoroughly proofread the document and make all the necessary changes and corrections before printing. This way, you will not have to print the same document again if there are any mistakes.

Printing in Draft Mode

Printing in draft mode is something that many people should be following, but few are even aware of this option. Setting the printers in your office to draft mode will not take more than a few seconds and will save plenty of printer ink. When setting your printer to draft mode, ensure that it is the lightest mode possible but still legible. Printer ink that you save using this method will add up over time, especially when you are printing multiple documents.

Printing in Black and White

Even though this is quite obvious, this is something that many people do not follow. Often, people print without checking whether the printer is set to black and white mode or color. Color printer ink cartridges are expensive and if used unnecessarily, they will get over in no time. Hence, it is a good practice to print in black and white whenever possible. Print your document or images in color only if the situation demands it.

By following the simple methods mentioned above, you can easily reduce printer ink usage and save a lot of money. These rules will reduce office ink usage and paper waste.

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