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Three Ways To Tell If Your Printer Cartridge Has Gone Bad


Almost every business and home today has a printer. These machines make producing hard copies of online documents convenient. Printer cartridges are essential to efficient running of a printer. A bad cartridge can mean the difference between a normal print job and one that is unusable. Once the bad cartridge is changed, normal print jobs can continue. The problem many people often face is that they do not know how to tell if a printer cartridge has gone bad. There are simple ways, though, to identify this problem.

The first way to identify if a printer cartridge has gone bad would be the most obvious: Check the front of the printer to see if there are any warnings about the level of the ink in the cartridge. Many people overlook the blinking lights and warning messages about a bad cartridge until it is too late. You can also tell that your printer cartridge has gone bad by the quality of the print job. Even if your printer is set to a draft print setting, the letters and images should be clearly legible. If the ink becomes lighter than normal, it is a sign that the printer cartridge is going bad.

If people are checking to see if a color ink cartridge has gone bad, there is a different test they can perform. People should go into the drawing tool on any computer and create four different simple squares. These squares should all be different colors: black, pink, turquoise and yellow. Print out this design. If any of the squares are not clear or do not print in full color, then the printer cartridge has gone bad. The colors of the squares represent the range of colors found in a color print cartridge, so this test is a way to see if the color cartridge has gone bad in any way.

Another way that you can tell that your printer cartridge needs to be replaced is if it is not making the right sounds. Although this method may sound silly, it works. If a person listens to a normal, working printer every day, he or she will become accustomed to its sound. There is a good chance that if the printer starts making unusual sounds or simply does not make the sounds it normally does, then it is playing host to a bad cartridge.

By following these simple tips, a person can identify when there is a bad cartridge in a printer. Bad cartridges can seriously damage a printer if not replaced. Printer cartridges are easy to get and replace, so there is no excuse for a person not doing it.

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