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Three Ways to Avoid Running Out of Ink


Printer ink can be expensive when you're constantly running out. Depending on what brand of printer you have, ink will cost you even more money. In this time of economical crisis, a penny saved is a penny earned. So why not cut some corners so you don't have to keep running out to the store? Every little change you make is another change that helps your ink last longer.

One of the most overlooked printer ink savers is buying refillable cartridges. Printer ink refills can cost you from $30 to $100, depending on if it's black or white and if it's a single cartridge or bundle pack. This is a great deal if you are someone that constantly is printing, especially in color! By refilling your printer ink every time it runs low, you are saving the money you would have used to buy a brand new cartridge. It also helps that you adjust your printer settings before you print. If printing in black and white switch your settings to monochromatic so it doesn't use up your color ink as well. Therefore, when using your printer ink refills you don't have to keep refilling all of your cartridges.

The second most helpful way to cut down your printer ink woes is to change the font and size of your type before you print. Instead of using the standard Times New Roman, why not switch to Arial? San serif fonts require less ink due to not having as many pixels. If your document calls for a title page, stick to a general San Serif font. Don't use fancy or decorative fonts for your title. You should also use 10pt font size instead of 12pt. The size differences are hardly noticeable, especially on printed paper. By doing so it allows more words to fit on a single page.

The third and final tip is to know your printer. If you're going to be constantly printing in color then buy a printer that is recommended for your usage. You don't want to have an inkjet when you really need a laser printer. Your ink will be wasting away. For general printing, the best suggestion is a laser jet printer. It requires less printer ink than other types of printers. Even if your computer flashes a warning sign of low ink, that doesn't mean that it has run out. Use up all the printer ink in your cartridge until you can't print anymore. It's just a warning, not the end of your journey.

If you don't know what you're looking for, contact your local electronic store or search online before you go out and buy your next cartridge.

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