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Three Ways That HP Continues To Improve On The Function Of Its Printer Ink


It comes as no surprise that Hewlett-Packard (HP), the leading manufacturer of computer printers in the world, also dominates the printer ink market. HP printer ink continues to outsell the competition, even though there are a great number of cheaper alternatives currently flooding the market. As it turns out, what may seem like a bargain at first glance may end up being a more expensive choice in the long run. It all depends on which alternative you choose.

The manufacture of HP printer ink is continually being improved in the areas of quality and quantity. In the past 20 years, Hewlett-Packard has come out with a wide array of new ink formulas, each designed specifically for new models of their ever-evolving printing equipment. As the industry leader, HP remains on the cutting edge of the fast-moving technological breakthroughs, propelling the printer and printer ink markets.

HP-branded ink supplies are typically more expensive when compared to the different options available in the printer ink market. Their justification is that each cartridge produces significantly more copies than the others and that the standard of quality of each copy is much greater. Substandard copies produced through the use of substandard cartridges result in additional time, ink and paper required to make recopies of unacceptable work.

All that being said, it should be noted that the companies contracted by HP to make branded HP printer ink cartridges also manufacture cartridges under various other names and they have the capability and expertise to manufacture high quality products at a lower retail cost. They are able to sell these off-brands at a lower price because they are essentially cutting out one of the middlemen, thereby lowering the amount of profit taken at the point of purchase.

The chemical engineering involved in the research and development of HP printer inks is mind-boggling. Some formulations take years to perfect and the ink finally produced is designed specifically to bring optimum functionality to the printing device for which it is made. Being able to acquire these high quality products in a printer ink market offering so many options is possible, however, without necessarily paying the high premiums associated with brand name cartridges. There are printer ink sources available that make these purchases available, backed by a 100% guarantee. Once you've found your high quality, lower cost ink supply source, your long-term savings should be significant.

HP printer ink is a top-quality product but it's also a high cost one. There are other, lower cost options out there that can produce quality copies at substantial savings. Look at some product comparisons other than those commissioned by HP and you can view the evidence. It's out there.

HP printer ink, the leader in the printer ink market, is the number one choice for many HP users. There are, however, other high quality options that may provide substantial savings.

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