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Three Tips To Keep Your Printer Running Smoothly


Printer maintenance is essential to guarantee that your machine is running smoothly. Knowing how to take care of your printer is likely to extend its life and minimize repair expenditure.

The selection of proper ink cartridges, as well as maintenance basics play a major role. Here are three easy-to-follow tips that will help you keep your printer functioning problem-free.

The print head is one very important part of your machine. This is the printer component that takes the ink from the ink cartridge and applies it to the paper. Because of this function, the print head can easily get clogged, which will in turn affect the performance of the printer.

Cleaning the print head on a regular basis is the first essential step towards successful printer maintenance.

There is one simple way to tell that the print head needs cleaning. Examine the ink cartridge. Is it still full? Problems with the print head become noticeable if the ink cartridge is still full but printed pages come out to have poor quality.

Use cotton fabric or any other natural material that is slightly wet to clean the print head. Let it dry thoroughly before putting the head back in the printer. Keep in mind that most machines have a print head self-cleaning technology. Manual cleans are needed for maintenance purposes every now and then.

Another important tip to keep in mind is that paper jams should never be dealt with in an aggressive manner.

A printer paper jam is something that everyone has experienced every now and then. It takes place because of many reasons but the problem remains a very common one. The manner in which you handle it will affect the functioning of the printer.

Switching the printer off and turning it back on is the simplest way to handle a paper jam. Unfortunately, this strategy has the potential to fail.

If you have to remove paper on your own, try to do it in a gentle manner. Pull very delicately and slowly. A sharp pull on the page can cause damage. Feeling uncertain about the best way to remove clogged paper? Ask for help. Trying to force it out will solely lead to component damage.

Make sure that no ink is drying inside your printer. This printer maintenance tip is very important, since dried ink can clog nozzles and damage a printer that is functioning perfectly otherwise.

Ink cartridges should be used within a certain time period, as soon as they are inserted in the printer. Ink cannot be kept forever without drying. You probably think that printing less often will lead to ink economy, but the cartridge will eventually get damaged.

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