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Three Things To Check If A Print Cartridge Stops Working


If your inkjet printer is not printing, then you will need to check your ink cartridge in order to troubleshoot the problem. Checking printer cartridge problems is not difficult, and there are three things you can check if your print cartridge stops working.

When you open the top of your inkjet printer, you will notice that your ink cartridge sits on a cradle that is attached to a ribbon cable. The ribbon cable supplies the signal to the cartridges and controls their activity. Over time, this ribbon cable can start to come loose from the cradle. When checking printer cartridge errors, the first thing you should check is to make sure this ribbon cable is plugged in to the cradle.

As you use your inkjet printer, the ink can build up on the printer head and clog up the nozzles. This will require you to clean your ink cartridge to get it to work properly. Every inkjet printer comes with a nozzle cleaning function on the software control panel. Perform the cleaning process at least three times on each cartridge to make sure you do a thorough cleaning.

If you still get white streaks in your print-outs after using the software control panel cleaning function, then you may need to do some manual cleaning. Remove the print cartridge and apply some rubbing alcohol to the print head using a cotton swab. Then wipe the print head dry with a clean towel. You will also want to clean the contacts on the print cartridge and the contacts in the cartridge cradle with the rubbing alcohol. Sometimes ink can get on the contacts and stop your inkjet printer from printing.

Some models of inkjet printers tend to make noise when they are printing. The motion of the cartridge cradle inside the printer can make the printer vibrate and jump. This motion can cause two problems that should be checked if your printer stops printing. The first is that the power cable can come loose from the printer. The second is that the printer cartridges can come loose from the cradle. Check the power cable and the cartridges to make sure both are securely in place.

One way to help prevent the violent action of the printer from loosening the power cable and the cartridges is to place it on a level and strong surface. Placing the inkjet printer on a filing cabinet or plastic table will allow it to move around more than a more stable surface.

Inkjet printers are an economical printing solution for any computer user. If they stop printing, some simple maintenance procedures will help get the printer functional in no time.

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