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Three Reasons That Printer Ink Costs More Than Printers Themselves


The amount of people who use a printer ink kit to refill their printer is on the rise, and rightly so. Printer ink costs have remained very high, despite the fact that printer prices have fallen in recent years. In fact, people understand printer ink to be one of the most expensive products in the world. Printer ink is more expensive than expensive champagne by its volume, and generally more expensive than imported caviar by weight. People have used ink for thousands of years while computer printers have only been around for decades. Yet, printer ink costs more than printers cost for a number of reasons.

Economics teaches us how when demand goes up, price goes up; there is no exception to this rule here. Printer ink costs more because it is more in demand than printers are. People naturally use the same printer while using several ink cartridges. Printer ink manufacturers are simply utilizing the high demand for their product to make a profit, as printer ink is the main source of revenue for them.

Here is another reason why printer ink often costs more than printers. Manufactures intentionally sell their printers at a lower cost than they normally would, often at a loss. In many cases, one unit of ink will cost more than the printer itself. Manufactures known that consumers are more willing to buy a cheap printer that has an expensive set of ink cartridges because most consumers do not immediately take into account the additional cost of ink. Naturally, the cost of ink adds up even in high yielding cartridges, to the point where one has paid more for ink than the printer itself.

Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission does not strictly regulate the labeling of printer ink cartridges. Hence, printer ink manufacturers do not have to fill their printer ink cartridges fully. At first, it may only seem like a consumer is only losing little money this way. However, the added cost of buying ink throughout the lifetime of a printer adds up this way to a point where a consumer, once again, pays substantially more for ink than his or her printer.

Many people often like to buy a printer ink kit to save money, but this is against the interests of the manufacturer who either makes cartridges from scratch or refills it themselves. Some printer manufacturers prevent people from refilling their own printer ink. These manufacturers install what is called a killer chip into the cartridge that will only allow an empty cartridge to work again when the manufacturer resets the cartridge. This policy makes sure that certain consumers by the more costly ink from printer manufacturer.

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