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Three Reasons Why Older Printers Use More Ink Than Newer Models


Modern day consumers are often faced with the dilemma: do I continue to buy expensive ink for my older model printer, or do I invest in a new one? We are here to tell you that using an outdated printer is both wasteful and costly because of the inordinate and unnecessary amounts of printer ink they consume. New model printers consume far less, and this key difference makes them a superior choice to the modern consumer. There are many reasons for older printers' overuse of ink, some of which are detailed below.

One example of the inferior ink usage of older printers is their lack of ink-stretching technology, a function that many newer printers incorporate in their software. This function was created to allow ink cartridges to be used more economically. Ink cartridges in older printers typically last only half as long as those with ink-stretching technology. Over time, this sort of ink-saving utility will save the consumer a significant amount of time, money, and ink.

Ink-stretching capability is not the only feature that causes older printers to be inefficient with their ink usage in comparison with newer models. Compared to more high-tech printers, older models have much less sophisticated support software. This is especially salient when you consider the preview functions of printer software. Older printers have far fewer capabilities as far as showing the consumer exactly what their printed page is going to look like. With diverse elements such as text size, borders and margins, color palettes, and overall layout coming into play, accurate and detailed preview functions are an invaluable tool in the ink-saving process. A better idea of how a page is going to turn out means that there is a far smaller chance of that page needing to be reprinted due to dissatisfaction with the final product. This is yet another failing that older printers have with regards to their overuse of ink.

One final ink-wasting deficiency that comes with using an older model printer is the amount of reprints that will need to occur due to printer errors. Printer technology has come a long way over the years, and developers are constantly improving printers' reliability and performance. Because of the efforts of these researchers and developers, modern printers experience far fewer printing errors than their older counterparts, and thus they waste much less printer ink due to reprints. These ink-wasting disadvantages of older printers are just a few of their many deficiencies, but they are certainly ones that will affect consumers day-to-day, by wasting both their valuable time and their money. These factors are definitely something that should be taken into account by any printer owner or buyer!

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