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Three Reasons For The High Costs Of Printer Ink


Kodak ink recently launched a campaign that examines issues like the high cost of printer ink. It turns out that ink cartridges are one of the most expensive office supplies. Printer ink costs are increasing despite the fact that the price of printers themselves is going down.

As difficult as it is to explain, the high cost of printer ink cartridges has several economically-sound causes. The Kodak ink campaign explains that companies are getting artificially high prices, and in a single year, American consumers have paid nearly five billion dollars on that office supply.

It is very easy to explain this phenomenon in very simple economy terms. One of the basic rules that regulate the functioning of the market is that when demand goes up, the price of a specific product goes up as well.

The number of offices and individuals in need of ink cartridges is increasing all the time. This high demand causes speculation and gives many ink companies the opportunity to increase the price of the product, even though production prices remain unchanged.

As long as the demand for ink cartridges remains significant, the printer ink costs will remain high - even simple economic rules can explain that phenomenon.

A simple conclusion can be drawn out of this explanation - the price of printer ink is high because companies can afford to increase it. Companies and large clients will be buying printer ink, because it is one of the mandatory supplies for their functioning.

Inexpensive printers have also led to the increase in ink prices. As incredible as this claim sounds, it can be used to explain the economic situation and the very unusual prices of such supplies.

Promotions and low prices have made it possible for nearly anyone to get a printer. People feel tempted. It is a bargain and it looks too good to be true. Once the printer is bought, the situation changes completely. It turns out that ink cartridges are expensive and can override the printer discount. Inexpensive printers serve as a bait, and once the consumer has made a purchase, printer ink costs can start going up.

Technologies are improving. This happens to be another reason for the high cost of ink cartridges. Old day printers used basic technologies and needed basic supplies. Today, consumers can choose among dozens of models, each one more advanced than the previous. New technologies demand innovative supplies. The price of these supplies is naturally higher than the cost of basic ink cartridges that were used in the past.

Kodak ink is probably right in its conclusions. Yes, printer cartridges are overpriced, but this tendency is probably here to stay.

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