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Three Advantages Of Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges


Supplying printers with inkjet cartridges gets expensive. Many times it costs more to replace these cartridges than it does to buy the printer in the first place. One way many consumers are getting around this expense is by using remanufactured printer ink. By refilling ink themselves or taking their inkjet cartridges to refilling station people stand to save as much as 70 percent on printer ink. But saving money isn't the only reason to use remanufactured printer ink. It is also better for the environment and may even effect future change in the industry.

Saving money may be the most motivating of reasons to use remanufactured printer ink, but in order to handle the refills successfully consumers should not ignore warnings that manufacturers give regarding remanufacturered printer ink. In many cases, in an effort to save as much money as possible, people will try and refill inkjet cartridges themselves. Not everyone is good at this, and refilling ink incorrectly can cause damage to the inkjet cartridges, the printer, and clothing. Although it does cost more, it is better to bring inkjet cartridges to a qualified refill station in order to get the best possible printouts.

Along with the money they save, people who use remanufactured printer ink also feel good about reducing the impact of their carbon footprint by buying fewer inkjet cartridges. Most inkjet cartridges are not made from biodegradable materials, but are instead made from plastic. These can take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. It also takes less energy to refill an inkjet cartridge than it does to make a new one. Some discarded cartridges may even impact drinking water, so it is important that no more be discarded than necessary.

Original manufacturers have been very vocal when it comes to recommending that only their inkjet cartridges be used in printers; however, the high prices and environmental disadvantages have swayed many consumers use remanufactured printer ink. Any business versus consumer relationship is governed by who is perceived to have power in the situation. Original manufacturers have used printer technology to their advantage, and some have made it difficult for customers to use remanufactured printer ink.

However, as consumers continue to find ways around these obstacles, manufacturers will be forced to respond. Pricing on inkjet cartridges will need to become more competitive. Materials used will need to be more environmentally friendly. Perhaps some manufacturers will even develop their own system of producing remanufactured printer ink. For a long time, printer ink technology was stagnant, but it is changing again. Inkjet cartridges are starting to give a little extra, because when consumers demand their share of power, things do begin to change for the better.

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