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The Role Of Printers And Printer Ink In An Online Business World


In the online business world, who needs printers? After all, there is email for business correspondence, and business websites can provide further business details. As such, printers and printer ink may not be so essential. However, printers are still required by most.

For example, while email is an addition to printed letters it cannot be said that email has replaced them entirely. Emails cannot be formatted to such an extent as a business letter drafted with a word processor. For these, word processors have a variety of templates and formatting options for letters. In addition to this, while email may be quicker, not everybody may have email accounts and so it is worth having a printer and printer ink at hand in this respect.

The online business world has seen a number of business related websites emerge. However, like email some business websites remain more of an additional extra, and are by no means essential for business promotion. When it comes to more local promotion, paper-based leaf-lets, brochures, and posters remain very effective for smaller business promotional material.

For brochures and posters, desk-top-publishing and perhaps word processor software have a variety of options and features. At any rate, a good quality printer and color printer ink are all the more essential for printing quality promotional material and posters for more local business promotion.

It is also worth noting that some business and companies are legally expected to produce certain printed documentation; to be more specific, the account departments. Company accounts such as the trading profit and loss are a good example of documents that businesses will need to have printed output of for their records. As such, some printer ink will still be required for this!

Other business reports, while they can be shared via email attachments, may also still need to be printed. Some businesses mistrust email attachments for their association with viruses, as email is a classic way that such viruses are proliferated. In addition to this, printed reports may still be required at business conferences for reference.

Then, the publishing industry is a great example of where the printer will also remain an essential requirement. Admittedly, while the scope of publishing has expanded to include the likes of e-books, blogs etc they are more of an addition to the publishing industry. Printers and printer ink will remain essential in the publishing industry for the foreseeable future.

So, given this while printers may have become less essential to the online business world they are still required. Email, websites, and electronic publishing have provided new options and business opportunities. However, printed output and documentation is still very much required by a number of businesses.

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