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The Real Reasons That Printer Ink Can Cost So Much To Purchase


From the 4th century BC, Indian ink to the 12th century medieval Europe ink recipe up to the present day liquid ink formula, ink has been an invaluable part of human history. We literally couldn't write down human history without it. Back then, it was cheap and easy to produce, but with the advent of technology, purchasing a printer ink cartridge costs more and it can be purchased by ordering your printer ink online. Many people are angered by the increasing costs of buying printer ink cartridges and are looking for answers why.

Give away the printer and sell the ink

Printer and printer ink industries have been known to adopt the practice of selling razors and cell phones. They usually charge low for the printer and gain money from adding percentages on the prices of their printer ink. With this practice, ink companies can increase their gross margin up to as much as 60 percent. In response to this, printer ink online sites offer cheaper inks that are half the price of the branded items. Printer ink online sites also offer cartridges that can be refilled with printer ink, eliminating the need to buy a new cartridge over and over again.

You get what you paid for

The printer ink is a step forward in our technology, thus it is expensive to produce and distribute. There are certain inks that are used by common printers that produce black and white images. However, with our highly digital world, everyone wants to see the world in full color thus increasing the demand for high quality printer inks. In addition, major printer ink manufacturers insist that making such high quality inks to provide high quality images will cost more; therefore, they will charge more for it. You can get a range of the prices of their printer inks online. With the high prices of their inks, consumers start to swarm the manufacturers of printer ink's online forums for answers.

They can make it more expensive

Simply put, the printer ink manufacturers can make their products expensive. They put into account the costs of mixing and producing the high quality printer inks that people want. It is a monopoly that manufacturers play to gain profit from their products. They also have to think about the competition and advertising with the use of printer ink online sites. With the advent of the internet, printer ink prices have been very competitive thanks to easy browsing of the price range from different suppliers through their printer ink online sites. The debate goes on as to why printer ink prices are very expensive and the consumers continue to suffer its consequences

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