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The Most Expensive Brands Of Ink Cartridges


The ink cartridges used in the printers are an important consideration when purchasing any printer. This is because although the prices of the printers are going down, the printing costs are not decreasing since the price of the ink cartridges quickly outgrows the price of the printer with constant usage. While there are many brands of printers available in the market, there are an equally large number of ink cartridge brands. There are several factors that contribute to the ink cartridge costs ranging from the costs in inventing new technologies to fulfilling the marketing goals of the ink and printer manufacturers. However, for those who have high printing requirements, there is an alternative to using expensive ink cartridges, and that is the use of remanufactured printer ink.

One might be interested to know the reason behind the branded ink cartridges being more expensive than the generic or lesser known brands. The quality of generic ink cartridges is no way inferior to that of the branded ones as the process of manufacturing ink cartridges is almost identical. However, the factor contributing towards the high cost of branded ink cartridges is that of marketing and brand building. Users initially are intimidated to use the generic or non-branded ink cartridges on their high-standard printers but once there is the assurance that the low-priced generic ink cartridges work equally well, the users switch over to these cartridges.

The branded ink cartridge still reigns supreme over their generic counterparts because of the superior customer service and efficient printing solutions. Talking about the most expensive brands of ink cartridges, the leading names include the cartridges from HP, Apple, Canon, Dell and Epson. The question still remains whether one should go for the expensive but branded ink cartridges or the cheaper compatible ink cartridges. The answer to this lies in one's personal preference. However, as an alternative, one can use the remanufactured printer ink.

The remanufactured printer ink cartridges are cartridges that are refurbished for any wear and tear and refilled with ink. The process of filling inks in the refurbished cartridges is almost similar to that of filling ink in the new cartridges and is sometimes done in the same facility as well. Therefore, one can be assured of the quality of the remanufactured printer ink. The only concern that a user must look out for is the source of obtaining the remanufactured printer ink cartridge as there are unscrupulous elements refilling branded cartridges with low-grade ink. The remanufactured printer ink can be safely used in printers from known brands like HP, Dell, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and others. These cartridges can be obtained online through the stores specializing in printers and printer accessories.

Logos and brand names of manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung, Apple, Brother, Dell, IBM and others are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All references to brands are solely made for the purpose of illustrating compatibility of toner and ink cartridges. Their use on does not imply endorsement or association by respective owners.