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The Most Exciting Ink Conservation Technology In New Printers


New printer technology is far more efficient than the technology of the past. More ink conservation features are being engineered and incorporated into inkjet printers, thus contributing to lower cost-per-page when printing. Here are several exciting features embedded into newer printers that dramatically reduce wasted ink while improving reliability.

Individual Cartridges

Printers that utilize one ink cartridge for each color (magenta, yellow and blue) are comparably more efficient than printers combining the three colors into one cartridge. Printer design plays the largest role in the overall conservation of ink, regardless of the cartridges used.

Printer Maintenance Features

Certain printer manufacturers incorporate patented technology into the printers that cleans the nozzles of the printer head, while preventing ink from leaking out of the nozzle. When a printer is not being used the technology prevents ink from leaking out of the head nozzles, which helps to preserve ink.

Air Buildup Removal

Air is known to buildup in the cartridges of inkjet printers, which causes bubbles and lowers print quality. Many cartridges are created with technology that removes air from the ink without losing ink in the process. Printer reliability is improved in addition to better ink conservation, as harmful air is drawn away from the ink.

Different Printing Modes

Nearly all modern printers have an economy mode selection in the menu properties. Economy mode affects different printer settings depending on the manufacturer, but most printers reduce the amount of ink used when in this mode. Economy mode usually reproduces prints that have lower detail and quality, but printing is usually faster.

Ink Usage Prior To Printing

Inkjet printers all contain a feature that utilizes a small amount of ink prior to printing, after installing a new cartridge. Using this ink contributes to smoother ink flow, clean print head nozzles, and better printing results. In addition to new cartridge installs, many printers will use ink for maintenance when the printer has been out of use for extended periods of time.

Printing in Gray scale

Nearly all printers allow printing in gray scale or using black ink only. When printing text documents there is usually no need to print in color. Most text documents are printed in black without any other colors on the page. Unfortunately, printers automatically use all of their cartridges combined when printing a document, unless instructed to do otherwise. Changing the printing mode to grayscale will help conserve the colored ink, which is significantly more expensive than black ink.

As the years pass, more exciting ink conservation features will be discovered and implemented by various manufacturers. Wasted ink and costly printing expenses will become less of a burden, as new printer technology continues to evolve.

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