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The Least Expensive Types of Printer Ink


When buying printer cartridges, you want the best value for your money. Everyone does because they want to grab the best deal on printer ink possible. Consider the following, less expensive, ways to achieve lower cost ink.

It goes without saying that marketers these days are out to get your money. Not only that, the given stores where ink is sold, customer representatives try to get in your pockets. Dishonest employees on commission will try to convince you, with lies, in order for them to sell the more expensive brand name ink. Have you ever thought of going with a generic brand of printer ink? Yes, they tend to receive no attention and are frowned upon by general printer users but offer great advantages. They are manufactured in the exact same process as the big household names. The ink quality is flawless. If you conducted a test involving a side by side comparison of a generic and brand name company, you would see striking similarities without telling the difference. You are just paying for the brand name and logo when dealing with the likes of huge corporations.

Another way to cut cost overruns for your business or household is buying refills for your already purchased cartridges. Think of it this way, you don't just pay for the ink. You are paying for the cartridge, manufacturing process, packaging, brand, and even handling fees. Keep the cartridge and most print stores offer discounts on bulk refills or a free fill up after a certain amount of refills purchased. However, a cartridge will eventually run its course and leak ink the more it gets refilled. This is still a more economical method even with a few minor setbacks.

Do you find it odd you tend to use less color or none at all? If color is a rarity in your printing habits, then buy only black ink. Be careful, some printers only function if there is a color cartridge installed. Usually they need to be full or topped up to an optimal printing level in order to use just black ink.

Finally, go out and buy ink in bulk packs. At times, bulk packs include color, if you don't have a use for it then do your best to find a store that offers only black. Single cartridges are fine only if you don't do much printing, but a business might as well take advantage of a quantity discount. Now, put into practice the first point and buy generic bulk ink for an even greater deal.

Buying printer cartridges doesn't have to create a headache. Do your research and spend time looking at all the other printer ink options available today.

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