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The Function Of Toner Refills In Helping Company Efficiency


Companies face a plethora of inefficiencies at every level. From front office staff all the way up to the CEO, employees are constantly working against a current of inefficient day-to-day processes that somehow never goes away regardless of how hard one tries to improve them. Whether it is involves customer communications, delivery logistics, or even just maintaining the company break-room, there always seems to be some sort of annoying (but persistent) inefficiency just begging to be eliminated. Yet out of all the daily operations that clearly could use improvement, who would have ever thought an innocent toner refills would be one of the top ten? Toner refills, while seemingly benign in nature, can have a huge impact on company efficiency.

Normal office staff may easily overlook toner cartridges when it comes to helping company efficiency. The person in charge of office supplies simply buys whatever refill cartridge the printer's manufacturer recommends without thinking twice. But obviously the manufacturer is recommends the cartridges they sell, as that is how they make their money. However, what the office supply personnel may or may not realize is that printing and photocopying can often cost businesses up to 3 percent of their total revenue.

While three percent may not sound like much, a small business with one million dollars of yearly revenue would, by this calculation, shell out around $30,000 on printing supplies in just one year. That's money that is not going towards improving customer communications. That is money not going towards new computers for office staff. That's money not going towards replacing that aging coffee machine in the break-room that never seems to work quite right.

The answer to this is to look for alternative toner refills that are cheaper and more efficient than the manufacturer's recommendation. Finding refills that are cheaper obviously saves money. Yet not all refills are created equal. It is important to find not only cheaper toner refills, but ones that give you more quality prints per dollar than others. After all, there is no point in buying cheap toner refills if they do not produce more and better prints than the competition. Otherwise all of your imagined savings will just be wasted when staff crumbles up failed prints, toss them in the trash, and try to print a second time. Another hidden inefficiency in this case is all the wasted hours on the clock that go towards printing, reprinting, staff cursing and getting angry as they fight with a troubled toner cartridge, etc.

In reality, it is the small, unnoticed things in an organization that often contribute them most to its efficiency; and toner refills are definitely one of them.

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