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The Difference In Color And Black And White Ink Cartridges


One of the biggest mistakes people make when printing black and white pages, is to use the color printer cartridges instead of the black and white inks. Although ink refills are making printing cheaper, this over sight can be costly and produce inferior quality prints.

What a lot of consumers don't realize is that printers only use three colors to give the myriad of colors seen on prints. The process is known as the CMYK color model, in which C is cyan, M is magenta and Y is yellow, while K stands for key.

When a print request is made, the printer reads the color code from the computer, and prints in a set sequence to match the color displayed on the screen. When the object is red as an example, more magenta and yellow is used, if it's green then cyan and yellow is used.

Although the CMYK method does work in printing black and white pages, the color printer cartridges often uses a lot more ink to get the same desired results as black in would. The reason being is that the black color in the CMYK model requires all the ink, in equal quantities to be mixed together. This can result in a reddish appearance within the black print, or a dark blue/purple hue depending on the quality of the ink and printer.

Using the color printer cartridges for black and white prints will deplete the ink containers quickly. In some instances when one ink color is empty, regardless of the amount left in the other color trays, the printer will require your color printer cartridges to be replaced, or replenished with the ink refills. The reason this occurs in most instances is not because the printer companies want to take more money from you, it is due to the CMYK model. Without one color, your printer cannot attempt to match any color from the computer, and it cannot print in black and white.

Black inks on the other hand are readily made from ingredients that produce the best quality dark tint. As such using black ink on text or black and white images creates the best quality result. Even when you have your printer on economy mode, the print still comes out with very good contrast.

If your printer has two ink ports, having both the color printer cartridge and the black ink cartridge installed will give you a fantastic looking picture.

Although ink refills have made printing cheaper, it is important to make sure you print all black and white prints, using your black ink printer cartridge. It not only saves you money, it produces much better black and white prints as well as makes your color printing sharper.

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