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The Best Computer Settings For Your Ink Cartridges


Every ink jet and laser jet printer comes with software that allows you to set the printer ink settings. The settings are particularly important when you are using color ink cartridges because color ink can be extremely expensive to replace often. If you take the time to change the printer ink settings each time you print a new document or use different paper, you will find that your ink lasts longer and looks better over an extended period of time.

How the Settings Impact Printer Ink

The settings that you choose for each printing job cause your printer to use more or less ink on each pass over the paper. If you choose a lighter setting, for example, the printer will use less ink. If you need rich, vibrant color, your printer will open up the color ink cartridges as wide as possible so that it uses the maximum amount of color for your images. Your setting directly impacts how much ink you use for every printing job, which allows you to control how often the ink needs to be replaced. Whenever possible, choose the lightest ink settings so that you can conserve a greater amount of ink.

Black and White Printing Options

The majority of print jobs that are processed in small offices include black and white text documents. These can be printed using the lightest ink settings possible without having an adverse impact on the document itself. Even black and white images can be printed at lighter settings to conserve ink usage. If your image includes quite a lot of detail and gray areas, you may want to increase the ink setting a bit so that the image is crisp and clear when it prints. In general, however, using black and white printer settings can help you save quite a lot of money on printer ink.

Maximize Color Printing

There are times when it is necessary to use a higher setting for a color document. Most printers include an option for printing high quality photos. These settings use the maximum amount of ink for each document that prints, but they also provide the best images when quality is important. If you are printing an office chart on standard paper, however, the computer should be set to print at a standard or economy setting to help conserve ink. Color ink cartridges are not cheap, so think about what kind of document quality you really need before you use a higher quality setting. Full color high quality images can use a great deal of printer ink for each document that prints. Paying attention to the computer settings can help save you money and increase the document quality.

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