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The Benefits Of Replacing Printer Ink Cartridges Before Ink Depletion


In recent years, prices of technology products, such as printers, have dropped to surprisingly low prices. However, even if a printer is purchased at an inexpensive cost, it soon becomes clear that there is a setback that can at times become very pesky. Printer ink cartridges are a seemingly small component of a laser ink printer, but the cost to maintain and refill them can add up rapidly. Laser printers have become the standard printer for offices all over our country and are equipped with a sensor chip that notifies the printer when ink depletion is about to occur. Catching the problem and changing your printer ink cartridge before it completely runs out is an important part of controlling your printer costs.

It is helpful to understand how a printer works in order to change components safely and to avoid permanent damage to your printer. Printers work by pulling ink from a plastic cartridge filled with toner. The printer ink cartridges vary in size, but are generally no larger than the size of a closed fist. The cartridge has a flat surface where a chip is attached. The toner chip is a small metallic piece that is attached to the toner with a sticky adhesive. When ink starts to run low in a cartridge, the chip sends a warning to the printer. A notification button on the exterior of the printer will light up, letting you that ink is running low and needs to be refilled as soon as possible. It is important to take immediate action, as allowing ink depletion to occur can damage internal components of the printer and lead to excessive costs.

Replacing printer ink cartridges while there is still some ink in the cartridge allows you to extend the life of your cartridge and chip. To replace an ink cartridge, turn off your computer and unplug from the power source. Open the lid of the computer and look for the sensor chip. Remove the cartridge carefully from the printer and refill ink at a certified refill center. If you wish to save money, you may purchase toner and refill the cartridge yourself. Make sure to reset the chip and to wipe the surface clean before putting the cartridge back into the printer. Loose toner can lead to smudged copies and a waste of ink. Remember to check you cartridges frequently and to refill as necessary. If a cartridge is allowed to run completely dry, the chip must be replaced as opposed to being reset. An effective way to monitor the ink level in your computer is to leave a sticker on the exterior stating the last date that the ink was refilled.

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