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The Benefits Of Nozzle Cleaning For New Inkjet Printers


Inkjet printers can be expensive therefore, once one is acquired, the proper maintenance should be carried out. One of the most common problems that the owner of a printer can experience is a clogged nozzle. It may seem insignificant at first glance but it can cause the print jobs to be messy, forcing persons to reprint documents. This inconvenience is just one of the reasons nozzle cleaning is important.

When Cleaning Becomes Necessary

The nozzle is responsible for spraying the ink onto the paper and over time ink can dry up causing them to become blocked. The use of poor quality generic inks can cause blockages as well. This results in smudged black and white prints however; the problem is even more noticeable when printing color. Color lines running lengthwise on the page, color casts, and color patches are some of the most obvious signs.

Why Nozzle Cleaning Is So Important: Ruined Print Jobs

Inkjet printers that are left unused for a while can easily become clogged. If they are not tested before use, and cleaned if necessary, print jobs could be ruined. This can be a big problem, especially in instances where a whole project is being printed at the last minute.

Cost Efficiency

Besides messy print jobs, a blocked printer head can be costly. This is mainly due to the waste of ink and paper since the job will have to be reprinted. Although paper is often affordable, ink can be expensive so printing multiple sheets that cannot be used is simply a waste of money.

Another reason cleaning a printer saves money is the ability to detect other problems, before they get complicated. Also, if there is an issue with print jobs but the nozzle is fine, that is a good indication to have the printer checked. This can help to detect manufacturer's defects that could have gone unnoticed.

Saves Time

Cleaning a new inkjet printer as often as is necessary helps to save time. This is so because it prevents the issue from getting to the point where it needs multiple cleans before it is resolved. In some cases this can take hours of cleaning, then testing until the block is completely removed.

How to Test For a Clogged Nozzle

Testing for blockages can be done by anyone, simply send something to print and see how it comes out. The extent of the issue will be evident based on the sample print, and multiple repetitions are required only in cases where the block is bad. In most cases cleaning can be done by owners at home, all they need to do is follow the instructions.

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