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Staying Eco Friendly When Buying Your Next Ink Cartridge


Those who are eco-conscious are always in search of the best methods for reducing their carbon footprint in every aspect of their lives. This includes finding an environmentally friendly cartridge that uses little of, or even eliminates, the volatile organic compound emissions that are released with the use of traditional petroleum based ink. This type of ink cartridge is becoming more readily available. The increasing demand boosts the supply as the number of people who want to take an active role in cleaning up the environment increases.

Soy and Vegetable Based Printer Ink

Soy is a natural, plentiful and renewable resource that makes an ideal base for an environmentally friendly cartridge for printers. It also produces sharper and clearer images and texts than its traditional petroleum based ink counterpart. It is the most commonly used green ink on the market - most newspapers have made the switch to soy ink. It tends to be less expensive than a traditional ink cartridge as well.

Another alternative is vegetable based inks. The oils from biodegradable and renewable vegetables such as corn and sunflowers are generally the kinds used to make vegetable ink. Vegetable inks also create the sharp images and texts that soy inks do, but they use approximately 10 to 15 percent less ink. Due to the fact that this kind of ink requires a less evaporative material when producing the ink, it generally results in less volatile organic compounds which is obviously a smarter choice for the environment. However, this also means that vegetable based inks are more expensive.

Remanufactured Ink

Another way to stay eco friendly when you purchase your next ink cartridge is by choosing remanufactured ink. Used, empty ink cartridges go through a thorough cleaning process and then are refilled with new ink. The cartridge is recycled and continues to be put to use, rather than simply becoming waste. In some cases, buying remanufactured ink also results in up to 85 percent cost savings.

Additional Conservation Tips

Use energy efficient printers and always purchase recycled printer paper. Ask yourself if it's absolutely necessary to print something off before you actually do it. When you do need to print something off, select the "Print Friendly" version of the material you wish to print, when it's available. This will remove the unnecessary advertisements and banners on the web page. When a "Print Friendly" option is not available, copy and paste only the sections of the page that you really need printed.

By utilizing these printing techniques, you will reduce your impact on environment. Every act that you do, no matter how small it may seem, adds up to significant improvements in the global effort to preserve the earth.

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