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Simple Ways To Save On The Costs Of Printer Ink For A Company


Printer ink has become a very valuable commodity and always seems to be running out in an office that prints hundreds of papers a day. The recent economic crisis and current market instability has led companies and corporations to try and do everything possible to increase profits and reduce overhead just to stay in the competition. From reduced benefits to layoffs, companies have tried them all. One area which has not been given enough attention is ink costs. This dark, sticky liquid costs more than a pretty penny, although many companies are paying way more than they should for ink, while others are using more than they need.

The easiest way to save on ink costs is to reduce the consumption. Many individuals print more paper than they really need, from in-office memos to schedules and lists. In this new electronic world, there are many alternatives to printing, such as email, instant messaging and even texting from a Smartphone. Documents can easily be scanned and emailed, rather than faxed. Despite this, there are many reasons to print and certain precautions can be implemented.

Many people have to re-print documents when they do not come out correctly the first time. A simple way to avoid this problem is to use the "Print Preview" option available on Web pages and Word Processors. A diagnostic test can be run before a large print job, as this will show any errors or low ink levels beforehand. Color printers are a waste of valuable money in most cases, as few office print jobs require color.

Most printers have a "save ink" feature which should be turned on for routine print jobs. This feature is less bold than the normal setting, but reduces ink consumption considerably. Another good idea is to format the page to save ink, by choosing a suitable font and size. As useful as all of the above ideas are, they do not actually reduce the cost of ink, which is set at almost ridiculously high prices by printer manufacturers.

The only way to avoid this is to refill the ink using third party ink refill kits. Despite what manufacturers may claim about this practice, it is perfectly legal and does not harm the printer in any way. The quality difference is also marginal for the most part. By using refill kits, a company can save as much as 40% of their regular printer ink bill. Although taking measures to reduce paper and ink usage can be inconvenient at first, the result of saved jobs and company prosperity is more than worth it. Reducing ink costs by using refills is a method that is quickly being adopted by progressive companies.

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