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Shopping Around For The Best Printer Ink Cartridges


Printer ink cartridges are available in various forms and they can make printing from home a very economical option. Printers require ink refills routinely and this is where having access to economical, high quality inkjet ink cartridges can come in handy. Here are some tips to help you buy the best quality ink cartridges on the market.


There are specific cartridges for particular printer models and some of these cartridges are compatible when working on multiple printer series. This is why buying compatible printer ink cartridges is critical to ensure proper functioning later on. Most printer manuals arrive with compatibility charts listing the cartridges that can be used with the printer. It is possible to purchase these printer cartridges from the manufacturer or from third-party sites.

Output Quality

When shopping for high quality inkjet cartridges, make sure that the quality of print output is high. Usually, the counterfeit cartridges will demonstrate poor quality. One tip to test the quality is to do a comparison of the output with the output from the previous cartridges you used. If you find a vast difference in quality of output, it could mean the cartridge is counterfeit. Checking for mess or poor performance during printing can go a long way in detecting a bad quality cartridge.


While price does play a large role in choosing a printer cartridge, it should not be the only guiding aspect. Printer ink cartridges priced extremely so low that they sound too good to be true are most likely fake. Some of the fake cartridges have prices on par with the genuine ones while others can be discounted to as much as 40% below manufacturer market price.

Ink Life

Make sure to check the life of the ink on the cartridge. Fake cartridges or substandard ones usually have ink that dries out all too quickly. If you buy a cartridge and find it has run out of the ink too early, it means it is a counterfeit cartridge.


One important element to inspect when purchasing inkjet ink cartridges is the packaging. Most fake cartridge manufacturers try their best to copy the packaging of original cartridges. However, some elements are almost impossible to copy exactly. Make sure to inspect for abnormalities or mistakes on the packaging.

Reputed Suppliers

The most important tip when buying high quality cartridges is to buy from reputed suppliers. Start by making a comprehensive list of all the authorized cartridge dealers and visit those sites. You can also check for authorized cartridge dealers by visiting the printer manufacturer site. All relevant contact information and details are provided on the website for easy reference.

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