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Saving Money On Printer Ink For Businesses


Many people are unaware of how to save money on printer ink for their business. We spend a ton of money each year on name brand cartridges as we print documents on a daily basis. Before you know it, your business is spending a fortune on everything from ink to toner. You then begin searching for ways to minimize costs, frequently by cutting back on printing all together. However, there are ways to find cheap ink cartridge refills that can save your business thousands in the long run and not affect your ability to print high volumes of documents.

There are several keys ways that businesses can start saving money, one of which involves buying generic printer ink. It is essential to understand the myth that generic cartridges produce poor quality results is simply untrue; this is merely an advertisement scheme to get you to splurge on name brand products. Plus, there are a variety of generic companies, which increases your ability to save. Start purchasing a cheap ink cartridge each time you need ink, instead of spending more for the same quality.

Another key way to help save money includes using refill services. Some companies have set up stations in which you can turn in your old ink cartridges and receive a refill for a fraction of the cost. Since most of the money is used to create the actual cartridge itself, it makes sense that this method can save you a substantial amount in the long run. Another option is to purchase refill kits and do it yourself; however, note that this method can be very messy and should be done by following the instructions exactly.

Along with buying generic versions and receiving refill services from office supply companies, you can purchase these cartridges in bulk. Buying several at a time can cut the costs of ink more than you would think at first. What if you combine this method with buying generic alternatives? Imagine how much money you can save by purchasing generic cartridges in bulk.

Finally, you can save by simply changing the font that you print in on a regular basis. Most people are unaware of the fact that some fonts require a large amount of ink in comparison to others. By changing to Century Gothic, you can significantly cut down on your expenditures. Not far behind this font are the popular Times New Roman and Calibri. If you stick to one of these three fonts you will save money with each print.

Saving money on ink can be done with ease by following the advice above. Stop wasting money on printing and utilize these tips and tools to save thousands each year.

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