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Saving Money On Your HP Printer


The cost of printing, like many other things in the world, is going up. Anyone who spends time shopping for an HP printer may not realize that the cost of printing has increased. Printers are as cheap as they ever were. It's possible to get a laser or an inkjet printer without spending a lot of money. The biggest way for anyone to save money on a printer is to purchase an environmentally friendly cartridge to provide ink for HP.

It's a little known fact that HP doesn't make a lot of money on their printers. They sell their printers often below cost. By shopping the right sales, it's possible to pick up some of the nicer models for around $100 and sometimes even less. The way the company makes money is by selling ink for HP. Their cartridges are expensive - and that's how they earn a healthy living.

Ink is cheap. Even the nicest, most environmentally friendly ink is cheap. It's the hard plastic cartridges with the unique shapes and the fancy coding that is so expensive. Every time a printer runs out of ink, the cartridge is tossed in the trash and a new one must be purchased. It is easy to see how spending money on an HP printer is so easy.

The trick is to buy ink for HP, not the cartridge itself. The cartridge can be re-used over and over again. There are many ways to go about filling a cartridge. This includes taking the cartridges to a refill station or buying a syringe and ink to do it one's self.

It's also possible to buy an environmentally friendly cartridge. These can vary in construction. Some are designed from recycled plastic while others are simply recycled cartridges that have been refurbished to meet the HP standards. Freshly filled with ink, they are much more affordable than the ones that are actually manufactured by HP.

HP printers can be cheap. More, they can last for years and years. They can pretty much pay for themselves for anyone who does a lot of printing. The best way to save money is to pay attention to the cost of the ink cartridges. With more people going green, it is easier to find more affordable ink cartridges where the main expense is the ink - not the hard plastic casing.

The moment the focus is on the ink cartridges and not the printer, it will be easier to save money on the printer and the overall cost of printing. HP ink cartridges are where HP makes their money. By finding a cheaper alternative, it's a simpler way to save money.

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