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How To Save Money on Printer Ink


Saving Printer Ink and Its Conservation

One of the easiest ways to save money on printer ink is to conserve the ink you have, or save printer ink. It is important to educate yourself and your employees on ways to lessen the amount of ink you use on a daily basis. By following the next few steps, you can greatly reduce the amount of ink your business consumes.

  • Print in Draft Mode- Unless the documents you are printing need to be of the highest quality, printing in Draft Mode is the easiest way to help you save money on printer ink. When you click on the "Print" option, the box will appear so you can change the preferences of the job you requested. Click on the box next to Draft Mode and then confirm your print. Your document will print in a lighter shade, thereby using less ink.
  • Make your Selection- By only printing the material you absolutely need, you can seriously cut down on the amount of printer ink you use. Before you print your document, highlight the material you need by holding the mouse button and dragging the curser over it. When you click "Print", check the box next to the "Selection" option, when you confirm your print, only the highlighted material will print.
  • Use Page Preview- When most people print their documents they don't verify the job first. It isn't until the printer has spit out an extra eight pages that they realize they'd printed too much. By clicking Print Preview before confirming your print job, you can be sure that only the pages you want will print, helping you conserve printer ink.

While following these steps, your business will greatly cut down on the money you spend on printer ink. Unfortunately, even if you follow these steps religiously, sooner or later you will still need to purchase replacement printer ink. Luckily, there are a couple ways to help your business save money on the printer ink you purchase.

Use Printer Refill Kits

Printer refill kits are another way to help you save money on printer ink. Each printer refill kit comes with enough ink to refill your black and color printer ink cartridges three times and the tools you will need to fill the ink cartridge. While there is a significant price difference between printer ink cartridges and printer refill kits, many people shy away from using them because of the time it takes to fill your printer cartridge and the mess it can make if you are inexperienced in the refill process.

Purchase Generic or Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

One of the easiest ways to save money on printer ink is by using generic or remanufactured printer ink cartridges instead of buying brand name. Most people shy away from using generic or remanufactured printer ink cartridges because they are afraid that the quality will not be as good as their brand name counterparts. understands this, and that is why we review online suppliers such as and for the quality of their printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges. When you purchase printer ink cartridges or toner cartridges from one of our top rated companies, you can expect the best. understands that your primary goal is to make money. It is our mission to help our customers save money on printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges and printer refill kits. We've searched online for the best deals from the best companies and rated them based on the quality of their products, price, return policy and customer service so our customers don't have to. By clicking on "Printer Ink Reviews" you can read our reviews of online suppliers of printer ink such as PrinterInkRefills, 4inkjets and 123inkjets and decide which company is best suited to the needs of your business. Once you've found the company you like, ordering is just a click away. By clicking on the link in the review, you will be taken directly to the company's website so you can order your printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges and printer refill kits right away. And updates our website frequently, ensuring our customers always get the best deals online. Visit every time you need to save money on printer ink or printer ink refill kits.

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