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Replacement versus Refillable Cartridges


Switching out printer cartridges every few months can get expensive, and can be a major hassle. Printers always seem to run out of ink right when you need to print something in a hurry. Rushing out to the store, you're faced with a few choices. Printer ink refills are a popular choice, because they save money. Sometimes, looking for the cheapest cartridges is faster and hassle-free. The method you use should be determined by several factors.

There is no doubt that refilling your current ink cartridge, given that it is in good condition, is the cheapest route. Refill kits are often very inexpensive, and come in both tri-color and black and white options. Kits can usually be found for almost every printer make and model, including high-end and specialty brand printers. Refilling the same cartridge not only saves you money, but also helps to save the environment. By reusing the same cartridge several times, you are reducing the amount of labor and power needed to create new cartridges, ship them to your store, and recycle them when you're finished. However, printer ink refills can be messy and time-consuming, and take a bit of skill and patience to complete. In addition, precision is required to not ruin the condition of the cartridge, or else it becomes useless. Not all cartridge refills ends successfully.

Many consumers find purchasing new printer cartridges to be the simplest route. With cartridges clearly labeled by brand, model, and ink color, you can locate and purchase your new cartridge in minutes. Installation is simple, and your cartridges can be used as soon as you return home. There is no need to deal with messy or leaking inks, or fingers covered in magenta or cyan ink stains. But convenience comes with a high price tag. Cartridges are costly, especially when you purchase both color and black and white at the same time. Even if you find the cheapest cartridges available, it can still cost fifteen to twenty dollars per cartridge, sometimes even more. When buying a new cartridge, you should also recycle your used cartridges, which adds another step onto this process. Some stores offer discounts or rebates when you recycle old cartridges in store, which is a factor that should be considered in your purchase.

Before purchasing a new cartridge or refilling a used printer cartridge, you should evaluate whether or not you have the time or money to spend. If you have time and patience, a refill kit may be a good choice. If you are short of time or lack the skill or patience necessary, pricing out inexpensive cartridges may be most suitable to your lifestyle.

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