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Reliable Sources For Discount Printer Ink Online


There is an uproar currently going on among computer printer users regarding the cost of printer ink. Emotions are soaring, lawsuits are flying, and the position of the responsible parties seems untenable. Words like 'scam' and 'fraud' are being bandied about but all the consumer wants and needs are fair prices for reasonably high quality products. Some online printer ink suppliers are helping keep costs down and more and more people are buying discount printer ink online as a means of saving money.

A good printer may last for years, but the replacement ink required to keep it working often turns out to be exorbitantly high in cost and this cost is ongoing. It has been determined that printer ink may be the most expensive liquid on the face of the earth. One recent comparison approximates the cost of one milliliter (ml) of gasoline going for a few cents; a ml of Dom Perignon Champaign costing less than $0.25; and, Prada Perfume coming in at about $1.25 per ml. Printer ink, on the other hand, can run as high as $3.33 per ml for black and $5.15 for color.

If computer manufacturers had their way, users of their equipment would employ nothing but replacement cartridges bearing the manufacturer's brand name which are typically the most expensive. This is the recommendation made in their users' manuals and many follow this recommendation faithfully. It's costing consumers billions.

Online printer ink suppliers are countering this by offering discount printer ink products that, in some cases, exceed the quality of OEM ink products but at a fraction of the cost - sometimes less than half. There is an ongoing battle between the OEMs and the third party manufacturers of compatible or remanufactured units. This is a multi-billion dollar per year business and there's a lot at stake.

All the consumer needs is high quality printer ink at a reasonable cost. Many online printer ink sites are responding with wide selections of discount printer ink products for just about every application. They are capable of delivering high quality ink, fair prices, and good service.

To find the most reliable sources for discount printer ink online you can do a search on 'printer ink reviews' and check out some unbiased, third party sources that rate various suppliers on product quality, prices, and quality of service. This search will give you access to reviews done by respected computer magazines and various consumer groups attempting to shed some light on this hotly debated topic. Becoming educated in this area can only help when it's time to make a purchase and aid you in becoming a smarter shopper.

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