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Quick Ways To Get More From Each HP Printer Ink Cartridge


Many people expect the most expensive part of printing to be purchasing a printer. Surprisingly, it's the continuing purchase of HP printer ink and cartridges that is actually the biggest expense. Since cartridges are recurring costs, it's smart to look at ways to make their use more economical. While using an environmentally friendly cartridge is one method to reduce printing costs, there are other ways to get the most from an HP printer ink cartridge.

Skip the Power Strip

The simplest way to get more ink from a cartridge is to power down the printer manually - this means skipping using the power strip. When a printer is turned off with its own power switch, it allows the printer to park the print heads in a predetermined location that protects the print heads from exposure. Turning the printer off from a power strip derails the printer's normal shutdown process and leaves the print heads exposed. This causes the print heads to clog or the ink to start to dry out. If the print heads are allowed to park correctly, HP printer ink is protected from drying out or clogging quickly. People can get more ink from a cartridge just by using a printer's off button.

Use the Printer Daily

It might seem that the easiest way to save ink is simply not to use the printer. This is usually the case for individuals or businesses that may not require excessive printing. However, lack of use can also cause the ink in a cartridge to dry out or become clogged. Even on days when a printer isn't used, it's a good idea to print a test page to lengthen the life of both color and black cartridges. This also helps keep the ink fresh and flowing.

Tweak the Printer's Settings

Printers come from the factory with default settings that are usually set to the highest print quality. Printing at the highest quality level will consume more ink, as opposed to using other economical print options. Users can change printer options from economy to draft modes. Printing in either of these modes uses much less ink per page, and is one of the best ways to get more ink out of a cartridge.

Use an Environmentally Friendly Cartridge

Although users may not get more ink out of a recycled or remanufactured HP printer ink cartridge, they will certainly save money. These environmentally friendly cartridges are subjected to stringent testing and quality control procedures. In addition, they cost significantly less than new OEM cartridges.

From powering off the printer and adjusting settings to buying remanufactured cartridges, users have several available options to control the cost of printing.

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