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Printing Smartly Using the Best Paper for Your Inks


Paperwork is what makes any business run smoothly. Keeping the books in order, making sure that everyone gets those important memos and producing high quality documents for customers and clients is critical for commercial success. An office printer is an essential component to have but you must be careful to use it properly. Whether you are using OEM cartridges, third-party products or printer ink refills, different types of ink will react differently when coming in contact with various sorts of printer paper. If you require first-class documents, you will need to match up the ink and the paper with the purposes for which they are required.

Inkjet printers are suitable for numerous paper types and therefore different documents. Matte paper has a bright coating and is made for everyday commercial printing so that creating general forms, memos and reports is even easier. Reliable cartridges contain ink that dries quickly, does not smudge and can produce crisp text on matte or any other kinds of paper. Other paper types are more specialized though. For example, glossy paper is shinier than matte and is great for marketing material such as posters, brochures and fliers. This is why it is smart to have a variety of paper types available so that you can always create quality documents whenever they are needed.

Laser printers use toner rather than ink and require a certain type of paper if you demand optimal performance. Of course, for items like standard memos, you could just insert any old inkjet paper into your machine but there are times when only the best will do. For instance, if you wish to print out some professional digital photographs, you will need reliable photo paper to do the job right. The ink is also important whether you are using toners, cartridges or printer ink refills. In this case, inkjet printers will produce better quality photographic images than laser printers. This is one circumstance which may require you to have two printer models within your office instead of one.

With all these options of paper, ink and printers available on the market, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Fortunately, there are many methods to gain assistance when it comes to producing the best documents for your employees and clients. The Internet is great for finding information on the most reliable cartridges and which types of paper are more suitable for specific tasks. Calling up your local computer store or posting questions on an online printing forum are also great ways to gain more knowledge. After this, you will be able to make a smarter decision when it comes to choosing the best printer and paper for your office.

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