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Printer Ink And Resume Printing


When you submit a resume to try to get a job, every aspect of that resume is scrutinized, from your references and work history to the actual quality of the paper. It's therefore important to use the best materials at your disposal. Your chances of getting a job will improve if your resume has a certain visually striking element, which you can accomplish with high-grade resume paper and a quality cartridge of printer ink. If you're seeking a job, it'll pay big dividends to consider your printer ink before you send in a resume, regardless of the type of position that you're seeking.

The good news is that you don't need anything fancy to print your resume. In fact, for most resumes, you only need a black, high quality cartridge that won't smear and will print in decent resolution. Depending on the printer that you're using, you may have a few options when you buy ink; in addition to a standard black ink cartridge, some printer manufacturers offer special cartridges designed for photo printing and other high-end applications. This can be a good choice for resume printing, but realistically, the standard cartridge should be fine. You may even decide to use a refillable ink cartridge, which will cost less than a brand new cartridge, and provide the same print quality. Buy ink online if you can, as it will cost much less than it'll cost in the store.

Be sure to consider your printer settings. Set your document to print on the highest possible resolution. If you're printing multiple resumes, it may take a while, and if you're printing an extremely high number of resumes, you'll want to give the printer time to rest every few prints to avoid overworking the mechanical components of the printer. If you start to notice smudges or other ink issues, you may have clogged print heads; you can sometimes fix this problem by laying your ink cartridge on a wet, warm paper towel for a few minutes before printing.

When your resume is printed, let it sit and dry for a few minutes before you look it over. Printing on high resolution uses more ink, so it may take the paper longer to dry than it would with a standard cartridge. Remember, high quality printing is also more expensive, so check over your resume as completely as possible before printing it, and consider printing one copy on "draft" settings if you're concerned about formatting. With the right ink and paper, your chances of getting a job can improve--just be sure to buy and use your ink carefully.

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