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Potentially Toxic Effects Of Printer Ink And Toner And How To Avoid Them


Most people have changed a printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge at some point in time. While those who repair printers professionally are very aware of the risks of the toxic components used, the majority of household printer users are in the dark when it comes to safety. By informing yourself about ink and toner cartridges and their health risks, you are protecting yourself and your family from preventable accidents and ailments. While modern safety restrictions have greatly reduced the health risks of printers, misuse and failure to maintain your printer and printing equipment may lead to toxic ink effects. While printer ink is fairly harmless unless it is consumed, printer toner can cause serious problems if not handled properly during use and clean up. The three most dangerous risks of printer toner are its high flammability, its ability to cause respiratory illness and toxic ink effects on the environment.

Toner is a tightly packed powder that can cause toxic and even explosive gases when mixed with the wrong ingredients. If you are storing toner, it is not recommended to store large amounts in the same area. Keep toner stored in a clean, room temperature area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you are handling toner, remember that is a highly flammable material and never smoke or expose toner to heat or extreme temperatures.

Since toner is very fine powder, it has been known to cause respiratory illness and breathing problems. If you have come across a toner spill and need to clean it up, use a mask and safety goggles. A mask will avoid tiny particles from entering your lungs and goggles will keep dust particles out of your eyes. If your eyes do come into contact with toner, wash them with cool water for fifteen minutes. If pain or discomfort continues, seek professional help.

Toner and ink cartridges are toxic materials that need to be disposed of properly. Do not throw used cartridges into the trash can. Instead, take your used cartridges back to the store where you bough them. By returning them to the store where you bought them, you will receive a discount on your new cartridge, just like when you buy a new car battery and turn in your old one. If your toner or ink cartridge is reusable, you will be able to refill it and continue to use it. By reusing and recycling old cartridges, you will help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Following these tips can help not just you, but the environment. Saving money never felt so good.

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