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New Technology That Helps Improve Printer Lifespan


Over the last few years, printer owners have experienced a hike in printer ownership. It is not so much that the cost of the printers themselves has gone up, but that the overall costs have gone up. In fact, the cost of purchasing a printer has gone down dramatically in the last decade. This comes in the face of new printer technologies that allow printers to search multiple functions. Printers are now able to do a lot more than they used to, making life easier for printer owners. However, the cost to purchase office printer ink and continue to run the printer has gone up. That is because manufacturers noticed that they were making more money off of their printer ink than the printers themselves. Luckily, there are new technologies that help improve the lifespan of inkjet cartridges and laser printer ink as well.

Some of the new technologies that have been created help not only elongate the lifespan of the printer, but make it easier to conserve office printer ink as well. For companies that do a lot of printing - even for individuals that do a lot of printing - this can mean lowering costs and being able to print for longer. Many of the new printers have smart technology that allows them to determine which type of project is being printed and then allocate just enough ink to complete the job without wasting ink. Other models allow for manual adjustments that can be just as effective at lowering ink use.

Another technology that helps manage ink use is that of ink blotting. That means that ink is shot as specific areas on the paper in order to form the images or text that is being printed without overuse of the ink. This can help both manage ink and keep the printer in operation longer.

But new technology does not just pertain to the printers themselves. There are new technologies that pertain to inkjet cartridges and ink overall. Whereas in the past, people would have to buy only OEM brand printer ink from the manufacturer, that is no longer the case. There are plenty of new options that cost a printer owner less and keep the printer running longer. One option is the generic printer cartridge that is almost exactly like its brand counterpart with the exception of one or two elements. Other options include printer ink refill kit systems and remanufactured printer ink. All of these provide the same level of quality at a fraction of the cost of brand ink and work to help the printer last longer.

Taking advantage of new printer and printer ink technologies can help printer owners keep their printers longer.

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