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New Technologies For Lower Cost Per Print Cartridges


Printers continue to be a big part of businesses across the country and are still a part of many homes. The Internet may have many people conducting the bulk of their business online, but the need for printed materials may never end. Over the years, the cost of printers has gone down significantly, making buying a printer an economical decision. On the other side of the spectrum, the cost of printer cartridges and printer ink has gone up just as significantly. The reason this has happened is because manufacturers and retailers discovered that the bulk of their revenue was coming from the ink and not the printers. But there are new printer technologies coming all the time that make the cost per print a lot cheaper. These new printer technologies will help lower the cost of printer cartridges enough that they can once again be affordable.

The cost per print for cartridges is beginning to drop slightly because of some of the newer technologies being used by manufacturers. One of the most widely used now goes along with the green initiative that many people and businesses are starting to adopt. HP is an example of a company that began developing and selling this new green printer cartridge technology almost three years ago. Essentially, they take recycled materials, such as recycled plastic from water bottles and ink cartridges, and use them to produce a new printer cartridge. The system is called Closed Loop Plastic Recycling System and it significantly reduces the carbon footprint that many printer manufacturers make on the environment. At the same time, it lowers the price of cartridges since they are made of recycled materials.

Another technology that's being widely used is the ink refill system. This technology is fairly simple to use and reduces the number of times you have to return to the store to buy new cartridges. Also, it helps in reducing your carbon footprint since you rarely, if ever, have to buy new replacement cartridges. The way it works is that you essentially get a syringe and ink refill kit, which is moderately priced, and simply inject the new ink into the cartridge. It can sometimes be a messy job, but it saves you a lot of money and the environment more wasted materials.

Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are another technology being used. Previously used printer ink cartridges are taken in by the manufacturer or third party vendor and reconfigured so that they are just as good as new. Brand new ink is injected into them and they are ready to go. These remanufactured printer ink cartridges cost a lot less than buying a new one directly from the manufacturer or store.

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