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New Printer Technology Has Led To Advances In Generic Printer Ink


Generic printer ink has seen a number of advancements over the years. With new printer technology, generic cartridges now entail high-end components to ensure quality prints. This includes more refined ink, which can easily match or even surpass brand name cartridges. While the cost per unit remains lower than brand name cartridges, the quality of generic cartridges has led to mass purchases across vast commercial networks. In addition to better ink quality, several generic cartridges also feature sturdier plastics and metals. In the past, many generic cartridges would easily break upon installation or replacement. This was mainly due to weak parts that were only designed for basic or standard printers. As more intricate printing systems hit the market, generic printer ink is now available for digital, ink-jet, and even new laser print models. As a result, each cartridge has been refortified to secure proper functionality and overall strength.

While durability is an important facet with any generic printer ink cartridge, longevity and compatibility are equally important as well. With the latter, new printer technology has enabled generic cartridges to be more compatible with a range of systems. In the past, only a select number of generic cartridges were compatible with multiple units. With the latest technology, however, generic toners can facilitate laptop, desktop, office, and even industrial-sized printers. This is a great way for businesses to lower printing costs, while ensuring a steady and cost-affordable flow of cartridges for commercial printing. In addition to compatibility, generic cartridges are now designed to last much longer. In fact, a recent study compared printer output levels between generic and brand cartridges. While print volumes and models differed, generic cartridges secured anywhere between 15 to 20 additional prints per unit. As a result, it was determined that generic cartridges are now able to salvage more ink as well.

Generic printer ink has also seen advancements in printing quality. No longer do customers have to worry about below grade prints when utilizing generic toners or cartridges. For years, generic and refurbished cartridges were considered inferior to OEM or original manufactured cartridges. In fact, several printer ink manufacturers initiated marketing campaigns to dissuade customers from purchasing generic ink units. With the advancements in printer technology, however, over 46% of the market now purchases and uses generic printer ink toners. As the ink quality increases, the same customers now have access to professional prints at rates that are far below brand name prices.

So whether it's an office, industrial or home-based printer, new technology has led to mass advances in generic printer ink. This includes better print quality, along with toners that are designed to save more ink and last longer.

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