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New Eco Friendly Technologies Used In Ink Cartridges


Ink cartridges manufactured today are made out of plastic. A negative fact about such plastics is that they are petroleum-based products which take nearly 1,000 years to decompose. Each year millions of these empty cartridges are thrown in the refuse bins. As a result these end up making landfills or incinerators. With the concerns of the damage caused to our environment, along with the increased natural calamities, it is highly essential for both individuals and businesses to practice environmental responsibility. The printer industry is among those who contribute to this cause. Environmentally-friendly cartridges are the need of the future which needs to be made the standard requirement and adhered by all the manufacturing concerns.

In order to stay protected from the hazardous impact of these plastic cartridges, enormous money is spent throughout the world today. Recycling these ink cartridges is an easy process and is highly beneficial for the environment around us. Recycling them also provides a benefit in a financial sense. It decreases the costs that are incurred to reduce the amount of solid waste generated by not conserving the raw materials used. The energy required to produce a new cartridge is much more than recycling a cartridge.

As per this environmentally-friendly cartridge practice, it is expected that manufacturers of ink cartridges openly encourage proper disposal of the products they manufacture. Most of them should respond to the environmental issues by minimizing the utilization of energy and relevant greenhouse gas emissions required as a part of manufacturing their products. Recent statistics depict a greener picture as they show that there has been a reduction of more than 40 percent in emissions from 2005 to the present day, so progress is being made. With more manufacturers adopting the path of recycling plastics in manufacturing their products, improving the ink energy efficiency levels, along with other commendable measures, a step towards the right path for our environmental issues seems closer. Some companies are even practicing environmental responsibility by the usage of certain percentage of post-consumer waste on branded papers.

As a part of responsibility from the side of a consumer, they should always encourage and participate in programs for recycling ink cartridges and make sure that the waste from these products is handled responsibly. Recycling, refilling cartridges or remanufacturing them is certainly an eco-friendly practice for disposing the used cartridges. Today, technology has brought convenience to everybody's lives which is evident everywhere. In line with these conveniences, saving the environment becomes an issue. Hence it is the responsibility for both the manufacturers and the consumers to ensure that no damage is caused to the environment by proper disposal the products used.

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