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Minimizing Ink Usage Through Color Management


Despite the inevitable trend toward online documents, contracts and financial forms, businesses still have a great and almost insatiable need for printed pages. This is partly because it is the way things have always been done, and change is slow to come, even in the most forward-thinking industries. This is also because of the fear of an electronic collapse which will destroy all saved documented a company owns, or render them useless and no longer viewable. With the continual need to print, however, comes the ever-increasing need to save money. The recent recession has demonstrated that even businesses which seem impervious to financial difficultly have stumbled and fallen. It is therefore essential that companies not only print what they need to, but do it as efficiently as possible.

Many businesses have now turned to options like refillable cartridges for both their color and black printer ink. Refilling OEM or even remanufactured print cartridges can be extremely cost-efficient and can help businesses find money for other necessary endeavors. There are even more ways, however, to manage the expense of printing within a business. One of these is to control the color settings within the printer itself to ensure that all documents printed look as detailed and clear as possible while using the least ink.

Most printers will come with software that allows for detailed color management. This allows a user to select how the printer should print the image or text selected. It can include options such as what type of colors will be used and to what degree, and also what type of effect is desired on the finished page. As well, most color management settings allow the user to input the type of paper they are using to ensure that the ink/printer/paper combination is optimal. If a business is printing text documents, color management should not need much adjustment. Depending on the purpose of the documents - internal or external use - it may be worth turning down the quality of the printed pages simply to save on the use of black printer ink. Once a business starts printing images or colored diagrams and charts, however, color management is essential. Wasted pages with poor coloring or unreadable text can quickly add up, and what seemed an entirely reasonable price to pay for refillable cartridges can skyrocket as the amount of ink consumed begins to climb.

Color management settings can be tricky to find and reading a printer's manual is recommended before trying out any of the advanced features it may offer. However, with a minor amount of study, a business can increase the efficiency of its printing and decrease the overall cost of its ink in one fell swoop.

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