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Lowering Toner Bills In An Office


The extra quality and speed achieved from using printer toner cartridges comes at a pretty high price, toner costs are rising and offices are now facing even larger printing bills. Reducing these bills will not only reduce overhead (decreasing the chance of layoffs) but lowering printer usage also helps the environment considerably. There is also the option of obtaining cheap office toner which can lower bills dramatically, although sometimes at the expense of quality.

The first and most important order of business is to regulate the amount of print copies that are made a day. Large companies have hundreds of units of paper printed out on a daily basis, most of which end up in the waste basket or never gets used. Placing a greater emphasis on email and other electronic forms of communication not only saves printer bills but speeds up the process as well. Another good tip is to always use the print preview mode before printing, as this will give a good idea of how the page will look and reduce the amount of reprints that have to be done.

Reducing the amount of daily print jobs can help greatly; however, paper still needs to be printed for many important uses. Setting the printer to draft mode for most print jobs can lower the usage of valuable printer toner and works great for almost all routine paper print uses. Reducing the printer resolution also contributes to lessened toner usage. Many companies have made the decision to replace most of their color toner printers with black and white printers. Color printers can be very useful, but it is a known fact that papers are often printed with superfluous or accidental color appearing. Color prints are only needed for the most important print jobs, as black and white modes fit the bill perfectly for most other uses.

Toner cartridges are expensive for the most part, as such it is imperative to ensure that they are actually empty when they are disposed of. Some studies have revealed that computer and printer low-ink level alters are programmed to appear early (with up to 40% toner still remaining), as the typical home user will ignore these warnings for a while. Offices can also afford to wait until the cartridge is properly empty before disposing. One of the best cheap office toner options is the use of refill kits, which can reduce toner bills by up to 50%. As toner is a tricky substance to handle and clean up after spills, it is advisable to follow the instructions exactly and use great care. Use of the above tips will not only guarantee reduced office bills, but a cleaner environment as well.

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