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LED Printers And How They Affect Printer Ink Use


LED printers are the present generation of high quality and cost efficient printing solutions. They are able to produce very sharp quality text and images using their specialized non-moving parts and durable toner cartridges that represent the optimal efficiency of LED printers. Although the printer ink cartridges, commonly referred to as toner cartridges, are generally priced higher than traditional inkjet cartridges, they have an increased lifetime and are technically cheaper to use during the lifetime of the printer. HP even boasts a 2,000 page printing maximum for its toner cartridges -- a claim that has been verified by their consumers!

LED printers work more effectively than the traditional inkjet printers. A notable feature of LED printers is that they contain non-moving parts, which contributes to their efficiency as the current generation printers. Another unique feature of LED printers is the way they handle the printer ink to produce high quality text and graphics on any type of printable paper: by melting the plastic toner powder contained in the toner cartridges onto the sheet of printing paper. How it works is that the rotating drum found in LED printers is assigned a positive static electrical charge to which toner powder is attracted to. When the paper is received through the printer, it is assigned a negative static electrical charge and slides about the drum. This allows the ink, or toner, to be pulled out from the drum and against the paper. Finally, heated rollers containing a plethora of LED lights are pressed against the paper, producing the requested high quality text or graphic job.

Toner cartridges, like the traditional inkjet ink cartridges, require replacing and generally cost around $50-$60 a piece. Although they are more expensive than the inkjet ink cartridges, they last much longer, so in the end one can save a good deal of money compared to using an inkjet printer. Inkjet cartridges cannot be used on LED or laser printers. Also, unlike inkjet printers, any type of paper may be used with LED printers, providing more savings from using different stocks of paper for one's printing purposes. LED printers also have a very high output rate compared to traditional inkjet printers. Most LED or laser printers are able to print a page of text in about 15 seconds. Since no ink is needed, pages come out with a clean texture of text and images, and, consequently, perform quieter print jobs.

The price of an LED printer can run up to about $250 depending on the manufacturer. Prices do decrease over time, and color printing is the standard in consumer printers these days, so one can expect cheaper color LED printers in the near future.

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