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Knowing How Many Prints To Expect From An Ink Cartridge


If you want to save money on printing, one way to do so is to check your ink cartridge yield. This task is easily performed, but requires analyzing whether your ink cartridge yield is where it should be, you must examine the type of job you are printing, the style of your printer and the health of the cartridge.

Textile and 3D printers use material other than regular paper. Printing photos, posters and banners can require ink levels that differ notably from standard jobs. The brands you use for your printing jobs as well as the types of prints you need can make a big difference in ink usage and, with it, the frequency at which you must refill or buy another cartridge. Following are some specifics you can watch for, whether it pertains to what you already use or you are considering buying new equipment.

Prior to when you purchase a cartridge, do your best to know what works best for you based on cents per page. Also important are the results of any tests that have already been done with your prospective cartridge. Certain standards are used worldwide to test the average page yield of ink and toner, although they are not necessarily applicable to every type of print. The cartridges can be categorized as standard or high yield. Toner cartridges can often print thousands of pages. Some printers have a function that estimates ink cartridge yield for you and displays it based on the amount of ink a standard sheet of paper might use with a default setting. Because this is a built-in function, it can easily be fooled by any number of variables, so you might use it as an extra help in addition to watching for any signs of depletion on individual prints.

Sometimes, this depletion is sometimes caused by a clog on the cartridge's nozzle. You can take your own steps to extend your cartridge's life by printing only when necessary and minimizing your waste of ink and paper. You can let your computer display the cartridge's estimated ink level, clean the nozzle with either rubbing alcohol or uncontaminated water on lint-free material and let the nozzle dry for a few minutes on a paper towel or sheet.

No matter what your printing habits are, you owe it to yourself not to be taken by surprise when it comes to the possible ink cartridge yield in your printer. Do everything you can to find out what you will get out of your cartridge before you refill it or buy another one. Take advantage of great deals as you find them and have confidence that they will help your budget.

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