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Keeping Your Printer Ink Safe From The Summer Heat


Of all the things that can damage printer ink cartridges, heat is one thing that can bring irreparable damage. Safe printer ink is important to the proper functioning of a printer. Safe printer ink is also important to a printer's performance as ink that has been damaged or compromised by excessive exposure to heat can lead to unwanted results. Fortunately, no matter where you live, there are measures that can be taken to safeguard printer ink cartridges from the summer heat.

Tip Number One: Keep Ink Away From Direct Sunlight

The first step to safeguarding printer ink cartridges from the summer heat is to keep them away from direct sunlight. This means that it is not wise to leave a printer or printer ink in the path of sunlight coming through the window or leaving a printer or printer ink outside. Even keeping printer ink in a car where direct sunlight can get to it through the windshield is not a good idea. Instead, cover printer ink with a reflective substance, such as metal or underneath a table if indoors. If printer ink is not being used and is being stored, it's best if it remains in the box or in a container that can shield sunlight. Sunlight will damage printer ink if the ink is exposed to it for too long. Especially in the summer, where temperatures can rise more than normal, sunlight can be harmful to the consistency and performance of printer ink.

Tip Number Two: Keep Ink Away From Heat Sources

The best place to store printer ink is in a cool place that is not adjacent to a source that generates heat. This usually means that kitchens are not a good place to keep printer ink. Stoves, ovens, dishwashers, water coolers and even the top of refrigerators all generate heat. It's wise to avoid using such places as storage spaces for printer ink. It's best to store printer ink in a closet or room away from the kitchen where it won't be exposed to direct sunlight. Electric devices can also generate enough heat to damage printer ink, such as television sets, DVD players and computers.

Keeping printer ink safe from the summer heat will allow you to use ink that isn't damaged or compromised. Using ink that has been exposed to high temperatures can lead to poor printer performance and even printer damage. Not only will you get poor output from the ink, but you may even end up doing irreparable damage to the printer itself. It's a good idea to keep printer ink away from sunlight and away from heat sources, especially during the summer when temperatures can reach extremely high levels.

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